Con este curso buscamos promover e incrementar la participación de los padres y madres en la educación de sus hijos e hijas, teniendo como objetivo facilitar estrategias y herramientas específicas que les orienten en la formación.<br> 

1.- Strategic marketing.

-Strategic marketing plan.

-Marketing Mix Design

-Price a)Price Strategies

-Distribution a)DistributionDesign

-Product a)Product Life Cycle b)Product Strategies

-Promotion a)Design of a social media plan b)Publication calendar c)Design of ATL and BTL strategies.

2.- Strategic communication
– Business communication plan

3.- Human resources strategy
-Design of a human resources plan
-Job profile design
-Design of a recruitment and selection plan
-Design of a training and development plan
-Career plan design
-Design of a performance evaluation plan
-Job satisfaction and OCB

4.- OCB
-Design and application of the OCB matrix.
-Design of a job satisfaction plan and OCB.

OCB (Organizational Citizenship Behavior)
It is employee behavior that is above and beyond duty. It is an individual behavior that is
discretionary and that together promotes the effective functioning of the organization.
Our value creation is based on human talent, the worker is the axis where the company can
be different from the competition.
We offer a matrix to measure the OCB, to increase job satisfaction, productivity and sales
of the company.