What is the OCB?

Con este curso buscamos promover e incrementar la participación de los padres y madres en la educación de sus hijos e hijas, teniendo como objetivo facilitar estrategias y herramientas específicas que les orienten en la formación.<br> 

The OCB (Organizational Citizenship Behavior) background has been categorized into
three areas: personality, attitudes, and leadership factors. These three areas have the
function of encouraging and facilitating workers to participate actively in the OCB (Zhang,
Personality is considered as an antecedent of OCB, in fact Organ and Ryan (1995) made a
correlation between the personality variables (conscientious, agreeable, neuroticism and
extraversion) and OCB, resulting in a low correlation, so the Personality is a variable that
should be analyzed only as a background to OCB, and not as a variable that influences or is
related to OCB.

Attitude factors include job satisfaction, employee engagement, organizational
commitment, motivation, and the level of trust between an employee and his co-workers
and supervisors (Organ & Ryan, 1995).
OCB is employee behavior that is above and beyond duty and therefore discretionary and
not rewarded in the context of formal reward from an organization (Konovsky & Pugh,
1994). The reward process for the OCB should be structured around personal and
professional development, complementing the formal reward process.
Organ (1988) analyzes the definition of the OCB and argues that, by discretion, it refers to
the fact that the behavior is not an enforceable requirement of the job function, that is, to
the terms specified in the employment contract, rather the behavior it is a matter of personal
choice, so its omission is generally not understood as punishable (Organ, 1997).
The OCB is conceptualized as synonymous with contextual performance, defined by Organ
(1997) as performance that supports the social and psychological environment in which a
task is performed, and the fact that workers are recognized and informally rewarded for
applying the task is recorded. OCB.

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